An Introduction to Music Studies

IMSEd. by J. P. E. Harper-Scott and Jim Samson.
Cambridge and New York: Cambridge University Press, 2007.
pp. xii + 316.
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Book description

Why study music? How much practical use is it in the modern world? This introduction proves how studying music is of great value both in its own terms and also in the post-university careers marketplace. The book explains the basic concepts and issues involved in the academic study of music, draws attention to vital connections across the field and encourages critical thinking over a broad range of music-related issues.

  • Covers all main aspects of music studies, including topics such as composition, opera, popular music, and music theory.
  • Provides a thorough overview of a hugely diverse subject, from the history of early music to careers in music technology, giving a head-start on the areas to be covered on a music degree.
  • New to ‘neume’? Need a reminder about ‘ripping’? Glossaries give clear definitions of key musical terms.
  • Chapters are carefully structured and organized enabling easy and quick location of the information needed.